15 Google Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Needs

15 Google Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Needs laptop showing google chrome

Google Chrome extensions can be a GAME CHANGER when you find the right one. If you’re using Safari, FireFox or (gulp) Internet Explorer, after you’ve seen what these extensions can do, you’ll want Google Chrome as your browser.

I have compiled a list of all of the Google Chrome extensions I use that really help me with my day-to-day marketing strategies. Some of them are direct with marketing some of them just make my life easier. There isn’t a single extension here I don’t think every marketer should have set-up.

Best of all, every one of these extensions is FREE!

I’ve placed these extensions in order of how I suggest you use them.

1. BuiltWith

https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/builtwith-technology-prof/dapjbgnjinbpoindlpdmhochffioedbnBuiltWith is f**king AWESOME! I feel like a damn spy when I use this. Basically, when you go to any website you can click on your BuiltWith extension button and it will show you what that website is using. It’s amazing. Platforms, retargeting programs, frameworks, documents, etc., all of it is listed right there for you. So now, when you go to a website and you see something you like, you can click BuiltWith and it will show you what they’re using! You can even spy on your competitors to see what they are doing.

2. Alexa Traffic Rank

alexa traffic rank logoOkay, so now you’ve used BuiltWith to see what other websites are doing and you’ve improved your website. Next, you’re going to want to use Alexa Traffic Rank to keep an eye on how your website is doing. You’ll see the Alexa ranking, the Google ranking for the country you’re in, similar websites, how many sites are linking to that website, and even page speed. A website’s Alexa ranking will essentially show you how your website ranks for SEO. The lower the number, the better. You can even use this extension on other websites to see what their Alexa ranking is so you can compare your own website to your competitors.

3. MozBar

MOZ logoNow, some people don’t really care about their Alexa rank, I’ve had brands that prefer it and some that don’t. The alternative is using MozBar to track your domain authority. This Google Chrome extension works similar to how the Alexa Traffic Rank works except it will show you a website’s┬ádomain authority, page authority, spam score, and it will highlight follow and no-follow links for you. I actually prefer the Moz extension over Alexa Traffic Rank because I find domain authority to be more accurate than an Alexa ranking.

4. Page Analytics (by Google)

google page analytics logoThis one is easy. Page Analytics (by Google) is just Google Analytics on the go. Views, average time spent, bounce rate, exit percentage, real-time viewers, it’s all here! I would say my favorite part of this extension is the in-page click analysis. It will show you where people are clicking and how much. You can A/B test the shit out of your website with this baby!

5. Tag Assistant (by Google)

tag assistant by google logoSo now that your website is all perfect and you’re ready to test, it’s time to start bringing traffic to your website. Tag Assistant (by Google) will tell you where and which Google Tag is on a certain page. So now you can you Tag Assistant to make sure you’re properly tracking views and conversions on your website by utilizing this extension to make sure everything has been entered correctly.

6. Facebook Pixel Helper

facebook pixel helper logoNow that you’re driving traffic to your website, you’ll want to start running social media ads, and what better place to start than Facebook? Facebook Pixel Helper will do the exact same thing that Tag Assistant (by Google) will do except for your Facebook pixel! No more guessing if it’s set up correctly. Just go to your website’s page, click the Facebook Pixel Helper button and see if your pixel has been entered correctly.

7. Tags for YouTube

youtube logo in colorAs you’re still trying to drive more traffic to your website, you’ll obviously want to set up a social media strategy. With YouTube being connected to Google you would have to be stupid to not have a presence on this platform. Tags for YouTube allows you to go to any YouTube video and see which tags they used. Now you can go to videos you like or videos of competitors and see what they are trying to get their video to rank for and copy their tags!

8. Pinterest Save Button

pinterest logoStill trying to drive traffic to your website? With the Pinterest Save Button, you can wonder around the internet and find things to pin to your Pinterest board without having to copy and paste anything and going back to Pinterest. Using this extension really allows you to step up your Pinterest game and get creative with the things you are pinning instead of being limited to what you can find on already on Pinterest.

9. Grammarly

grammarly logoNow your website is up and running, it’s optimized, you’re driving traffic, things are good. Time to start developing content and getting to work. Grammarly is a f**king life saver. I’ve had my fair share of misspellings in newsletters and blog posts enough to know that everyone needs a proofreader. There is nothing nastier than a person who just found a spelling error and now has the balls to try and ruin your day because you used the wrong “there”. Grammarly acts like as if Microsoft Word is everywhere. It follows you along your Google Chrome browser and puts a red highlight underneath any misspelled words or improper grammar and suggest changes for you. Even if you’re not in marketing, everyone should have this extension.

10. TinyMails

google mail logoTinyMails is so cool. When you’re sending out so many emails because your site is doing so well now, you’ll need to step up your email game. TinyMails will actually show you, in your Gmail as your typing, the word count AND an estimated read time of your email. Think about it, if you’re sending emails, especially very important ones, you don’t want to bore whoever you’re reading. If you type something up and it looks like a novel, no one is going to want to read it. Now you can use TinyMails to make sure your emails stay, well, tiny.

11. Zoom Scheduler

Zoom LogoBy now you have a ton of leads coming in, right? Well, by using Zoom Scheduler you can schedule meetings and easily share your screen with whoever you need to speak with. It may not be a marketing Google Chrome extension but it helps with all day-to-day work. I added this extension to this list because I use it all of the time and without it, there would be a lot of pain in the ass phone calls explaining what I should be seeing on a screen.

12. Unicorn Smasher

unicorn smasher logoUnicorn Smasher may not be for every marketer but I use it a lot. This Google Chrome extension is great for e-commerce marketers because this may be one of the top tools I use for Amazon research. While on an Amazon search results page you can simply click the Unicorn Smasher button and it will display price, category, rank, estimated sales, product name, estimated revenue, the number of reviews, rating and whether or not the product is FBA. This is a fantastic tool for being able to see what your competitors are doing on Amazon and helping figure out what you need to do to get your product to rank for whatever keyword you’re searching.

13. Honey

honey logoOkay, this one is a bit of a stretch but dammit I love this extension. So, to claim that Honey is a great marketing extension I’m going to say, let’s pretend that you’ve decided you want to start a podcast to start bringing in new leads. Well, to make it sound good you need to buy a nice microphone, some cables, etc. With Honey, you can go to any site, buy something, then at checkout click your Honey Google Chrome extension and it will immediately attempt every coupon code it has in its system for that website to try and get you the best discount available! I’ve saved a ton of money using this extension.

14. LastPass

LastPass LogoAh, Lastpass, this Google Chrome extension is a lifesaver. With this extension, it connects to your LastPass account so that when you sign into all of the different software you’re using for your marketing strategies you don’t have to sit there and struggle to remember what your password does. LastPass saves all of your passwords in its database for you and allows you to save a new password everytime you create an account on a new website. Now, full disclosure, this extension is free but LastPass is not.

15. AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus logoAdBlock Plus, ironic, right? Your job is to run advertisements to bring people to your website and yet here I am suggesting you hide them. Let’s be honest, there are a ton of websites out there that do a horrendous job at running ads and their pop-ups are everywhere and almost make the website unusable. That’s why I suggest using AdBlock Plus to keep those obnoxious pop-ups from interrupting you. This extension is great because you just download it and it does its job, no need to click it or anything. Plus you can have the option to turn it off on certain websites.


I understand some of these extensions were a bit of a stretch for marketing but I use them almost every day and they make my marketing strategies a lot easier. Although they may not be directly tied to marketing, I highly suggest looking into all of the Google Chrome extensions to help further your marketing efforts. Plus, they’re all free. Why wouldn’t you try them?


If you’re looking for more ways to further your marketing strategies I suggest listening to these 10 marketing podcasts. Each of them will help you learn new things and see what other marketers are doing to better their efforts.




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