Book Review of “The Conversion Code” by Chris Smith

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I recently finished “The Conversion Code: Capture Internet Leads, Create Quality Appointments, Close More Sales” by Chris Smith, needless to say, this book was AWESOME! I give it 5 stars.

Chris Smith is the co-founder of Curaytor, they are a social media, digital marketing, sales coaching company. They’re based out of Orlando, FL which is where I went to college (Go Knights!) so I had heard of the company prior to reading this book. But, while researching for some new reading material I came across this book.

I like to believe I am a very honest reviewer (I’ve already started a book I don’t like so I can’t wait to go to town on that one), but I will say I did really enjoy this book. A lot of the things I read gave me ideas for things to do for the brands I am currently managing.

This book dives pretty deep into turning your website into a lead generating machine. Whether it’s through content marketing, like blogging, landing page creation, social media, CRMs, using SMS, and much more, it was all discussed in this book.

I personally love reading marketing books but some of them read like text books or some of them are so f**king long it feels like I’ll never get through it. That was not the case for this book, it was an incredibly easy read and at 162 pages I got through it really quick. I felt like every chapter was either teaching me something I never thought of or was at least able to get my mind around the current strategies I’m taking and how I could improve them.

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Although I’m sure Chris may have had a ghostwriter help him with this book, the ease of the read was my favorite part. I prefer to read a book and have it feel like I’m reading a long email from a friend or something, not like some ridiculous grad school persons final paper.

The book has three parts with a total of 18 chapters and some bonus stuff at the end. If I had to pick, all of part two was the best section. It’s two chapters that discuss “How to Use CRM, SMS, and Marketing Automation to Immediately Turn a New Lead into a Hot Appointment” and “Need More Appointments? How to Use Email Marketing, Retargeting, and User Tracking to Turn Old Leads into Quality Appointments”. Both of these chapters gave me several ideas for strategies I could be doing for a handful of my brands and even some ideas for what I’m doing on the website you’re on right now.

Plus, retargeting is one of my favorite things to do, so I’ll read about that any day.

Of course, his “Five Yes Technique” was interesting as well. Part three is very sales heavy and is great for salesmen, but reading about the closing of deals can greatly impact marketers on helping our sales team get there easier. I love my sales people…when they close deals. So naturally, I gave this book to a couple people in sales and told them to read part three.

Content marketing is great and everything but, to be honest, it could arguably a complete waste if your website isn’t optimized to bring in leads. You can write blog posts or whatever all day but if potential customers come to your website and leave without them giving you a way to contact them again, you screwed up.

This book has gotten great reviews and I can definitely see why now. The fact that I was able to plow through a book so quick and still come out with a bunch of ideas and new knowledge is awesome and rare. I’ll be doing a review on another book that is almost 4 times longer and I don’t think I’ve gotten anything out of it yet.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to optimize their website and start bringing in more leads, I would also recommend this to a sales team, it may not be their core competency but I guarantee they’ll come out with some good ideas.


Of course, what kind of review would this be if I didn’t tell you how you can get your own copy and develop your own opinion on it? You can get “The Conversion Code” on Amazon right here. Enjoy it, I know I did.

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Comment below and let me know if there is a book you think I should read that I haven’t yet.

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