10 Marketing Podcasts to Listen to in 2017

Over time I have come to realize that I enjoy reading about marketing because even if what I am reading isn’t teaching me anything new, keeping my mind on the concept sometimes sparks new ideas that I want to try. So, I ran with that feeling and started listening to marketing podcasts while I worked to see if it would help bring new ideas also and it worked! Every time they mentioned a new tool or a new concept I would make a note and come back to it later.

I sincerely think podcasts are an underrated source, not enough people listen to podcasts. I love them, especially when I’m traveling somewhere and want something to listen to. (That, and I feel like a lot of music sucks latley.)

I feel like I’m becoming a damn marketing podcast connoisseur because I’ve listened to so many of them and have subscribed to a ton (28 as of right now). This is a list of the top 10 podcasts that I actually get excited to see when a new episode is released.

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Just so you know, this is all my opinion. I have no affiliation with any of these podcasts and I have never been a guest on any of these shows…hint hint. 😉

  1. This Old Marketing

    this old marketing podcastThis list is not in any specific order, I didn’t feel like going through all of these and being nit-picky about which one I like better. BUT this podcast is hands down my favorite. This Old Marketing is hosted by Joe Pullizi and Robert Rose.
    They start off each episode just b.s.ing with each other about whatever they feel like talking about and then they get into the marketing. I’ve learned some great tactics and about some new tools listening to this show. They even have a couple fun segments where they rant and/or rave about something and of course the “This Old Marketing” segment where they talk about a marketing strategy from a long time ago. It’s always very interesting to hear about.
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  2. Marketing School

    marketing school podcastMarketing School is hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu. I would say the best part about this podcast is it is straight and to the point. Each episode is like 5-6 minutes long, they go over one new strategy or a new tool and that’s it. The podcast comes out every day and each day is something new.
    This is one of those podcasts you don’t really have a good reason not to listen to because it’s so short and knowledgeable. Every marketer should take 5 minutes out of their day to listen to this one. I also love that in the picture Neil Patel has this big goofy smile on his face and yet Eric Siu looks like he is about to drop 2017’s dopest album.
    Subscribe to “Marketing School” here.

  3. Marketing Secrets

    marketing secrets podcastAh, Russell Brunson, I have a love/hate relationship with this guy. I’ve probably learned more from him than any of these other podcasters and sometimes he is very fun to listen to. Other times he seems a little over the top for me. HOWEVER, this is a fantastic podcast, this is definitely one of those podcasts I get excited about when a new episode is out. Plus, his picture looks like he’s opening up for Jerry Seinfeld at a comedy club.
    Russell Brunson is VERY good at making sure each podcast has something in it that you can take away. It’s not really a low-level podcast which I prefer because I’ve listened to podcasts about how to post a picture on Facebook and it makes me want to shoot myself. This is another podcast that you don’t have an excuse not to listen to because it’s usually less than 15 minutes and you gain a lot from it.
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  4. The Marketing Companion

    the marketing companion podcastThe Marketing Companion is hosted by Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster who have a great back and forth and make light of a lot of conversations. I get so bored listening to some of these podcasts that are just “This is how you do this, and this is why you should do that, blah blah blah”, this podcast is like listening in to their conversation that sometimes goes off the rails which is what makes it more real. You kind of feel like you’re a part of the conversation and you’re listening in because these guys clearly know their shit and you want to learn from it. The episodes are around a half-hour so this is one of those podcasts I like to turn on while I working on a project so I can make notes if an idea comes to mind while I’m listening.
    Subscribe to “The Marketing Companion” here.

  5. Social Media Marketing

    social media marketing podcastSocial Media Marketing is hosted by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. Not listening to this show is like not wanting to hear directly from Mark Zuckerburg about Facebook. Social Media Examiner is where all of the social media news and knowledge comes from, so naturally, Michael Stelzner knows what he’s talking about.
    These episodes are a little under an hour and are jam packed with social media insights. I would say the best part about this podcast is they kick off every episode with a new tool you could use to help your social media efforts. I’ve probably ended up utilizing 70% of the tools they mentioned. That right there is worth every minute of listening to this podcast.
    Subscribe to “Social Media Marketing” here.

  6. The Art of Paid Traffic

    art of paid traffic podcastThe Art of Paid Traffic is hosted my non-other than my man Rick Mulready! I don’t know why, but I love this guy. He sounds like he has so much fun doing this podcast. For some reason, I picture him with this big goofy smile on his face while he jumps up and down about the new marketing strategies he discusses.
    For some odd reason, a lot of these podcasts don’t discuss PPC much, it’s all about social media and content marketing now. Luckily, we have Rick here who understands PPC campaigns are still very important and that’s all he talks about. I have probably started 10 new PPC campaigns based on something I learned in his podcast in the last month alone. I also know PPC can be scary for a lot of new marketers because of the fear of just burning money so I think this is an ideal podcast to listen to if you’ve never done PPC before so you can get an idea of how to take it slow so you don’t go broke overnight.
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  7. Marketing Over Coffee

    marketing over coffee podcastI literally have my morning coffee while I listen to Marketing Over Coffee just because it makes me feel like I’m a part of the podcast, but it’s actually very disappointing because I don’t think John Wall and Christopher Penn ever drink coffee while they host this show, you’d think they would. If I ran a coffee company I would sponsor the hell out of this show.
    These episodes run pretty short too, around 20 minutes, which is perfect because that’s right about when the coffee hits me.
    These guys just know their stuff, they really stay updated on things going on in the industry and seeing where it’s headed so they try to stay ahead of the curve. It’s also a pretty calm podcast, nothing too crazy happening, just talking marketing. It really is perfect with your morning coffee, try it, trust me.
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  8. Growth Marketing Toolbox

    growth marketing toolbox podcastGrowth Marketing Toolbox is hosted by Nicolas Scalice. I love this podcast because it’s always changing and he gets some really awesome knowledgeable guests on this show. It’s all about new marketing tools, obviously, and it’s just amazing. Learning about a new software or app to better your marketing strategy is what every marketer wants so Nicholas is basically doing the research for you.
    These episodes are typically around 30 minutes, but it varies. I think the best aspect of this podcast is the rotating guests being interviewed so it’s always different. Plus you can hear how some of the big players are utilizing certain tools. I’ve heard multiple episodes where they discussed a tool I was already using but mentioned a way I never thought to use it. Definitely a fantastic podcast.
    Nicholas gets bonus points from me because his company Earnworthy, is in my hometown of Boca Raton, FL AND he is a Florida Atlantic University graduate which is where I started college. Go Owls!
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  9. 5 Minute Marketing

    5 minute marketing podcast5 Minute Marketing is hosted by Brian Moran. This podcast releases episodes very sporadically, it only comes out a couple times a month and I can’t really tell when it comes out. That may be why I like it, it’s always a surprise when it shows up as a new episode.
    This is another great example of one of those podcasts you would be stupid not to listen to. It’s 5 minutes. Take 5 minutes, learn something new, better your marketing strategy. It’s that easy. Sometimes it’s nice to relax and listen to an hour long podcast, other times I want everyone to shut up and just tell me the main point and what I should get out of the podcast. That’s exactly what Brian does. No bs, just strategy.
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  10. Duct Tape Marketing

    duct tape marketing podcastDuct Tape Marketing is hosted by John Jantsch who does a fantastic job of getting great guests on his show. He seems to be one step ahead of me every time I listen to this podcast. I’ll be listening to him interview someone and the second they say something that I have a question about, he seems to ask it. I almost always walk away from listening to this podcast with an idea to try something new or better a strategy I already have in place. John can also have a slightly more fun side to him so there is an occasionally funny line or something that really helps you realize yes, marketing is work, but it doesn’t have to be boring.
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There is a bunch of other marketing podcasts I like too, tweet at me and I’ll tell you about some of them. The reason the others didn’t make my list is that I wanted to keep it limited to 10 for now and some are really hit or miss. Either way, podcasts don’t get enough credit from people. I highly recommend at least looking into a few of these, listen to a couple episodes and if you don’t learn anything I’ll be shocked.

I typically like to listen to these podcasts while I’m working or traveling somewhere but I prefer to read at night. If you like to read about marketing, check out some of my book reviews. The most recent one I read was “Contagious” by Jonah Berger. You may like it, you may not.

P.S. I have been thinking about doing my own podcast sometime in the future so stay tuned. However, I don’t want it to be just me. I prefer the podcasts with 2 hosts. SO comment below if you think there is a podcast I missed here and/or if you would want to host a podcast with me. 😉


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